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Warby Parker is missing the last step in perfecting the "at-home" try-on game.


Facial Tracking Glasses Try Ons
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Brand Audit

"Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective:

to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses." Warby Parker has a plethora of unique touchpoints that position themselves rather well in the marketplace. In a David and Goliath fashion, WP has needed to differentiate themselves from the giant that is Lexotica; so they started doing things differently.

I am proposing a touchpoint that gathers intel from all existing touchpoints and that not only builds on the companies strong grasp on technological innovation but also strengthens the emotional connection to the brand; it's a product that puts selected glasses on your face, in real-time, in augmented reality.

Current Touchpoints

While Warby Parker mainly lives in the digital space, they have recently galavanted into the real-life scene. With the "Buy-a-pair give-a-pair" initiative, WP touched millions and provided a civil service desperately needed.

With the introduction of the brick and mortar stores, WP got glasses onto faces faster. With the 5-Day try on campaign, they did something similar, but in the comfort of the customers own home.


Jumping off point

With the launch of the iPhone X and its dripping-with-wonderment face tracking technology,  Warby Parker pushed a product that aimed to recommend glasses to the user based on their scanned facial structure. The user simply scanned their face, was offered a number of glasses, and was promptly prompted to go buy some.

The Problem: glasses go on your face.

The Current iPhone X product does not grant the users the luxury of seeing what the glasses look like on their face in real time. 

app wp one screen

1. Scan Your Face

app wp two screen

2. Try On Some Glasses

app wp three screen

3. Details & Check Out

So I put the glasses where they belong.

This AR-Tryon product will allow users to, in real-time, check themselves out. Using technologies that are already present in the marketplace (think Snapchat filters) and interactions that are already commonplace (c'mon, think selfies) Warby Parker can do a whole lot with a whole little.



WP would again be the first glass company to reach into the scary world of AR, an innovative if not soon to be a necessary leap.

Customer Experience:

Trying on glasses next to pushy salesmen and in front of scores of people can be stressful, now you can do it in your own home, whenever you want.

Social Good:

Albeit a stretch, but instead of purely focusing on the iPhone X, this product can be used by anyone with a smart device equipped with a camera.

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