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An empowering job hunting assistant for fresh-faced creative workers 


Reimagine job hunting 
Focus on empathy, not just accuracy
Value without sign in 
Reduce anxiety, depression, and stress



An ingrained way of doing things 
Validation of 'dating-style' process
Multiple audiences, multiple systems, 
Anxiety-inducing job hunting stigma

My Role


mana process 3

The snapchat that ignited the idea

Problem Framing

It's not hard to realize there is a problem with the current way people find jobs. From overtly contradicting requirements and titles to stress-inducing manual tracking to simply feeling like your application is just stuck in the void, job hunting could use an empowering boost on all fronts.

By focusing on matching "X-Applicant-Data-Pont" with "Y-Business-Data-Pont" the current ecosystem of tools is missing the big picture: People make great employees, data points do not. 

Audience Identification 

To uncover the user groups with the most need for a more empowered job hunt, I sent out over 3 dozen feelers to my social network, spoke with recruiting industry experts, interviewed product designers from large companies and quirky startups. 

It was clear this was not an issue unique to a specific group, but there is a group of people who could desperately use this; I call them fresh-faced creative workers.

With my primary user group identified, I started to send out digital inquiries for assistance.


💌  Reaching Out - Thank You

- - - 

Seriously, thanks for helping me. I’m trying to validate some ideas about the potential impact that machine learning, personality data, and clever design can have on helping people find better suiting jobs quicker. If you could take a minute (seriously no rush) and fill out these questions, it will make my path forward a lot more clear.

  • What is your current Job Title?
  • Can you briefly describe your role?
  • Are you a Full-Time Employee? Contractor/Consultant? Part Time?
  • When was the last time you looked for a job?
  • How did you search when you were looking? (i.e. Recruiter? Job Site? Personal Connection?)
  • How long did you search before finding your job?
  • How would you describe the overall experience? Was it fast? Tiring? Time-Consuming? 
  • What was the best part?
  • What was the worst part? 
  • What could have made it better?

Just shoot me your responses when you get a sec, no rush, and never stop dreaming.

Opportunity Areas

Responses to "What was the worst part about your job hunt?" 

Alex, Software Engineer: "Ugh, incompetent recruiters and keyword spam hunters. On LinkedIn, I get maybe 10 messages/week from recruiters and 9 of them miss the mark on something I'm interested in or qualified for."

Paige, UX Designer: "Getting zero feedback for months was the hardest part. I felt it was a waste of time and ruined the moral of showing my best skills."

Katie, Architect: "Does interviewing count as an answer? More specifically, I'm very awkward individual so talking about myself is difficult."

Mike, Engineer: "Not hearing back from companies. Also when searching for entry-level positions and 50% of them require 5+ years of experience... That seems like a simple thing to fix on a site like Indeed"


Experience Mapping

With whiteboarding exercises revealing the mission statement of the tool, I then took to experience mapping to try and flesh out the path that someone would take through this journey.

Mana User Flow – New frame_


With key sections, pages, stages, and elements identified through the experience map, I started some initial sketches to try and reimagine those ideas into an application or tool someone could actually use. 

iPhone X Copy 29 1
Real Copy 23

Feature Buildout

After I developed the visual style, brand, and elements needed, I started conceptualizing a more fleshed out series of screens to help tell the mana story. I compiled the features that connected strongest to the mission statement and compiled a pitch deck to further inquire with my SMEs about the direction and progress.

Emotive Onboarding

Be a culture fit before the interview. Mana differentiates itself with a new user sign up similar to that of a dating profile. By emphasizing traits like personality, searching aggressiveness, and culture, once the easy stuff is out of the way (like titles, salary, location) Mana, is able to surface roles that are a true fit.

onboarding 1

Triangulated Matches

Roles based on you, not a data point. By aggregating and serving roles based on not only the traits and strengths identified in the applicant but also that of similar prospects, Mana triangulates matches into a tailored and digestible feed.


Detailed Mentorship

Intelligently leveling up an applicant. While an applicant may think that they have everything in order to fit the requirements of the roles they want, mana’s mentor system finds holes like lacking resume sections, incomplete linked profiles, weak portfolio SEO, etc., and provides guidance on how the applicant can best resolve them.


Assisted Applying

Easily submit the best possible application. Opportunity callouts are a staple of the pre-application alerts mana surfaces to ensure that the applicant is submitting an application with the best possible chance of getting through. These can range from adding a cover letter to customizing a portfolio page to better speak to the ideals of the client.


Engaged Tracking

Utilizing automation to ease your stress. By taking away the boring, time-consuming, and the manual act of transcribing and tracking all of a candidate's applications, Mana responds to one of the most desired functions recognized in discovery; applicants want to know, in real time, where their applications are in the pipeline.

tracker 1

Coaching Style Insights

Expert suggestions on the next best move. Along with the tracker comes an opportunity engine which surfaces professionally recommended actions based on an applications status and the applicant's aggressiveness settings. This coaching answers the often heard question of “what do I do now?” and gives back some sense of control in a sometimes powerless situation.


Next Steps

WIth the initial concept in a place where it is ready for general consumption, I have been steadily inquiring with my social group, peers, mentors, and SMEs to see how far I can push this. Be on the lookout for a full prototype and updated UI!

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